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RegressionPolynomial Indicator

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RegressionPolynomial – forex trend indicator that calculates the values ​​of a polynomial regression on each bar. For Perov and second degree are used optimized methods of calculation. For the first degree based on the well-known form 3 * LWMA – 2 * SMA. Also, the code is a function

Elliott Waves Pro

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The Best Elliott Wave Indicator for Mt4 has been designed to powerfully enhance your elliot wave trading strategy with accurately generated Elliott Wave Signals. The Elliot Wave Indicator for mt4 has an uncanny ability to accurately forecast the market collecting specific forex analysis based on The Elliott Wave Principle.

WaveTrend indicator

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“See Why the WaveTrend is the Most Consistently Profitable Trading Indicator Money Can Buy, and Why it’s Such a No-Brainer to Make Sure You Have it in Your Metatrader Trading Arsenal.” The WaveTrend Calls Reversals with Precise Accuracy Watch this 3 Minute Video and See Why You Need the

Elliott Wave Prophet

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Innovative Forex Indicator Elliott Wave Prophet. It is intended, is not difficult to guess, for assistance in carrying out the wave analysis and can to some extent predict future price movement based on already generated waves. Apply Elliott Wave Prophet possible on all currency pairs and all time frames.

indicator for MetaTrader 4

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The indicator doesn’t draw the Elliott waves, but it helps you to define them. Lets consider how does it works: 1. The WAVE. The first, you should draw any trend line using Fractals and define its name it in the following form : “1*****”, for exampe: “1 wave“. After

Elliott Wave Oscillator

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Markets are fractal. Fractal markets mean that markets are identified by changes in behavior. That is where trading opportunities best lie. One of the ways to forecast changes in behavior based on past behavior and price is the Elliot Wave Theory. Should You Trade Elliot Wave? Elliot wave theory