Adaptive channels for MT4

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Adaptive channels for MT4 description

Channels indicator for the terminal MT4 – it is a successful attempt to build adaptive channels in real-time automatically. The indicator assesses the state of the market and build the actual levels at the close of each new bar, which, according to experts magazine, often lack such indicators.

To work this filter should be trading history – at least 400 bars of each timeframe. If these data are not available, the Channels will indicate that not enough historical data, with enough switch between periods to restart it.
An indicator Channels

Forex indicator Channels has a rich set of control parameters:
Start – Room bar on the current schedule, which starts from the analysis of the data, 0 – the current.
BarAnaliz – the number of bars for the analysis in each timeframe to Daily inclusive. No more than 2,000.
k_ shirina – the coefficient of the channel width.
tochnost – simulation accuracy: 1 – no accuracy, if the value is equal to the value BarAnaliz, then we have the highest accuracy. The higher the accuracy, the slower the indicator.
filtr – Filter depth of formation of the new channel, it is advisable to use a range of 0.382-0,618.
MinShirina – the minimum channel width in points – with a smaller width channels are formed.
MaxShirina – maximum average channel width in points – with a larger width channels are formed.
luch – a sign of the continuation of the channel: true – ray, false – segment.
maxmin – sign: whether to build a canal, taking into account the extreme extremes: true – yes, at the same time to build passed through extreme extremes, the ratio of width k_shirina should be large, such as 100; false – have, in this case the upper and the lower boundary of the channel are equidistant from the central axis of the channel (center “masses”).
color_fill – a sign of pouring channels (true, false).

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