Advanced KST (Know Sure Thing) Indicator Suite for MT4

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Advanced KST (Know Sure Thing) Indicator Suite for MT4 description

The KST oscillator as developed originally by Martin J. Pring is well known and highly regarded in Stock Trading but not quite so within the Forex community.
It is unique in how it calculates with an uncanny ability to identify dominant cycles.

We have identified a way to make it more suitable for the high volatility markets like Forex by limiting the effects of outlier candles, and have expanded it’s capabilities to run the algorithm over RSI (Relative Strength Index) and Stochastic all as options within one indicator.

In addition to this there is a separate indicator that mirrors the logic of the sub windows indicator and will draw the crossing of KST and Signal lines as support and resistance lines on your chart. Because of the cyclical algorithm in the indicators, the lines serve as important levels to consider in rallies and pullbacks. This is combined with alerts if desired.

The combination of the indicators gives a fantastic overview of what the dominant pressure is within the market and the KST on RSI and Stochastic further refine the main cycle to produce trade-able opportunities against supply and demand areas. The KST suite is particularly good at identifying major divergences well in advance.

Included in the indicator package are four templates so that you can instantly make use of the indicators.
In addition, and because the indicators work so well against Supply and Demand zones, there are links inside the indicator package to some high quality Free educational content specific to trading these power levels.
I highly recommend this suite from my own personal trading experience and not only as the coder of the indicators.

It is available from the Brooky Shop for instant download and is a fully supported indicator.

Advanced KST (Know Sure Thing) Indicator Suite for MT4 download

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