Predictive indicator for the 5min chart

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Predictive indicator for the 5min chart description

The indicator is based on the probability and each of its signal will be profitable. And it can give a signal, and this signal is then dissolved. Its advantage – it is a very small losses. But the profit is very, very significant when coming good signals. But as usually happens in trading, some signals are poor.

Predictive value of the indicator gives a real advantage. It shows not what has already happened, and what may possibly happen! This is his only value. Trade rules could not be simpler: We go when there is a new histogram bar: for Long – up for short – down. We leave when the histogram appears void or comes opposite signal. No need to wait for the candle to close to go in. Entrance to each signal. Be disciplined when trading this strategy. Active markets are always preferable. Spreads smaller and more moves. Well, now let’s make some money ….

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