True Trendline Indicator

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True Trendline Indicator description

True Trendline indicator for Metatrader 4 that draws all trendline automatically. It’s better than other auto trendline solutions for MT4, because TrueTL counts the beginning points from the actual timeframe’s historical data, and the trendline ending is depending on the last visible pullback level. So our indicator is able to analyze the whole chart (including higher timeframes). That’s why our indicator (which exploits the trendline’s features) is the best multi timeframe indicator.

Why is it worth to use True Trendlines Indicator?

Because it’s a traditional tool, not a “no name” indicator for MT4. Professional traders keep on using it, in these days too.

Originally we made a trendline tracer script for ourselves in 2010. We’ve experienced wide interest in it, so we decided to create this MT4 indicator with some additional metatrader indicators, and we keep on developing them, based on our customers’ requests and our own ideas.

12 ADDON INDICATORS of True Trendline Indicator (with MTF and alert ability):

  • RSI Trendline
  • CCI Trendline
  • Stochastic Trendline
  • Williams %R Trendline
  • MACD Trendline
  • NEW! OSMA Trendline
  • RSI Divergence
  • CCI Divergence
  • Stochastic Divergence
  • Williams %R Divergence
  • MACD Divergence
  • NEW! OSMA Divergence

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