Auto Trend Forecast

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Auto Trend Forecast description

Time Frames and Pairs
– 5 min ( not recommended – risky), 15 min, 30 min, 1H
– All major pairs
To use the Auto Trend Forecaster to generate signals:
Long trades occur when the Auto Trend Forecaster
changes color from Orange to Blue.
Short trades occur when the Auto Trend Forecaster changes
color from Blue to Orange.

Stop Loss
Option 1
Place your stop loss according to the popup alert number
Option 2 ( for advanced traders)
Place your stop loss below the previous low ( bottoms)
For long trades.
Place your stop loss above the previous high (tops)
For short trades.
IMPORTANT: Set stop loss for all your trades and do not deviate from it.
Once the trade has touched your stop loss be disciplined and close the trade. This will protect you from major capital losses.

Exiting Trades
Exit trades when the Auto Trend Indicator issues the opposite trading
signal. This ensures that you trade with maximum profits and right
before the market reverses.
Another exit mechanism which is highly effective is to exit near strong
support or resistance levels. It is a method that generates exits earlier,
so you take profits early.

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