Balance of Power Indicator

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Balance of Power Indicator description

Balance of Power is a unique proprietary indicator written by Don Worden for the modern stock market. As one of the very few true Accumulation & Distribution indicators, BOP exposes what side of the trade is dominated by large lot activity. The number of market participants who use large lots in their trading activity has grown exponentially over the past decade. This makes this indicator even more important today. Studying the price pattern and volume along with BOP is critical to understanding which of the large lot market participants is controlling the action. This makes a huge difference in determining the sustainability of a trend.

The basics of this powerful indicator are included in the ME10 Course as one of the group of Essential Indicators™ because it is one of the few indicators that can be used in all market conditions. The ins and outs of BOP for the more advanced technical analyst are taught in the Balance of Balance of Power Indicator Study offered online each year.

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