Binary holy grail 2.0

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binary holy grail 2.0 description

Rule 1
We wait for a yellow dot and sound alarm signal. Once we have one we look at our HolyChannel
Rule 2
First of all I want to say some things about expiration time. I tried different expiry terms and found that the best expiry time was 30 minutes. Also I found that the best time to trade is European session and first three hours of the US session. We trade during these times because the market is moving fast and it is what we need. I highly recommend you trading EURUSD only! This pair provides the most accurate trading signals.
If your broker does not offer 30 minutes expiry please choose the one close to it. But I do not recommend to trade if the expiry time is less than 25 minutes. It is better to trade 40 or 50 minutes than 25 or less. So the best time is 30 minutes. But you can also trade if the expiry is from 25 minutes up to 60 minutes maximum. So this is all about time.

When you see a yellow dot, the price should be in red zone. If the price is not in the red zone – do not trade! Also do not trade if the price is in the red but you do not have a yellow dot.
If the price is in the red and we have the yellow dot, we wait for the current candle to close and then buy a PUT or CALL option with 30 minutes expiry right at the open of the next candle (use our HolyCandleTime indicator to know how much time is left before the candle closure). Please note! When the market is moving very fast there may be situations when you may easily get a second yellow dot right at the beginning of the entry candle.
What should you do in this case? If you already entered the trade so you do not need to do anything. But if you did not, please wait for that current candle to close and enter the beginning of the new candle.
Rule 3
Remember you should always wait for the signal candle to close (the one with the yellow dot and in the red zone) because there may be situations when the price continues going deeper in red or even outside into the black area. That’s why our chances to get a good signal are much higher if we wait for the current signal candle to close.

So these are all the rules you should follow with this forex strategy. Very simple rules, isn’t it? But please do not think if the rules are so simple the strategy is not good. That’s not the right way of thinking. Contrary to this opinion I must say that the good system is a always a simple one. All genius things are simple by nature. So do not complicate things. Do not try to use any other indicators. Do not try to make the system better. The system works and works good. Just keep trading it and you will be making money.
Before I show you some trade examples I would like to talk about money management. So our next chapter is about this very important aspect of trading.
Money Management :
I do not know any successful trader who does not have a money management plan. To have a money management plan is a good idea but another idea that is even more important – to follow your plan to the letter. So REMEMBER, you should follow money management with each and every trade.
There are different ways to manage your capital but I would like to show you only the best one that brought me the best results. Probably you heard someone saying that you need to trade 5% of your initial balance with each of your trades. Example: you have $1000 balance. 5% is $50, so it means you should trade $50 options until you reach you balance up to $2000. Once you have it, you trade with $100 until you have $3000. And by the way the majority of traders who have pretty good results follow this plan. But I do not. Why? I know better way to trade.
The plan I have shown you above has one disadvantage.
When you have a losing streaks of several losing trades going one by one you can lose a good portion of your balance. You see with each and every of your trades your real risk is more than 5% because you are trading fixed values of initial balance and not your real time equity. So I have prepared a better plan to you.
What you need to do is to trade 5% of your real-time equity. So what does it mean? It means you should recalculate the amount of money you are going to put into the next trade with each and every of your trades. This is a very reliable plan to trade that will keep your balance alive even in the worst scenarios you could imagine. But the part of it, if you implement this plan with my system you will have a money printing machine. Your account will be growing at a very healthy pace. Here is example: Let’s assume your initial balance is $1000. It means your first trade should be $50. Now let’s assume you have won that trade. So now you have a balance of $1035 (considering you have made $35 with the trade). What will you do next? You should recalculate that 5% of your real time balance before you place another trade.

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