“Corona” Trading System

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“Corona” Trading System description

Corona Charts / indicators that give you a complete multi-dimensional view of market activity. In addition to the scheme, with the usual indicators, each indicator develops crown aura, which shows that a specific indicator is not very strong at the moment.
Taken together, Corona Charts gives you a complete picture of whether the market trend or cycling and tells you which mode is most appropriate for trading at the moment.
The most effective trade leads, you can switch between trend trading or trade cycle, as market conditions dictate.
The archive is:
CoronaCyclePeriod _v2.1.mq4
CoronaDashBoard _v1.ex4
CoronaSNR _v2.1.mq4
CoronaSwingPosition _v2.1.mq4
CoronaTrendVigor _v2.1.mq4

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