Free Brilliant Charts System (it’s cost $5988)

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Free Brilliant Charts System (it’s cost $5988)

Brilliant Charts is my latest and final system. Any improvements in my trading methodology will only be additions to this package. It is the fruit of four years of hard work and dedication to the knowledge of market behaviour, so if you’re thinking this is just “another system out there“, I can assure you that you’re wrong. I will let a Brilliant Charts user say a few words about his experience with the software.

Free Brilliant Charts System download

What you can expect from Brilliant Charts

  • it is a very comprehensive and well thought out system, giving you information about key price, time and volume activity;
  • if given some screen time and effort to learn the intricacies of this system, you will be on your way to confident, successful trading;
  • it will help cover some discipline issues (like paying attention to dangerous news releases or choppy periods);
  • it is the result of hard work, dedication and quality software coding; if you notice any bugs or have sugestions to improve it, you can always email me and your sugestions will be taken into consideration for future updates; all updates and bug fixes will be free, excepting major upgrades and/or module additions.

What you shouldn’t expect from Brilliant Charts

  • it is not the Holy Grail; the quicker you understand that there is no such thing, the better; it still requires a brain to function correctly;
  • Nostradamus does not forecast each candlestick with high accuracy and you should primarily look at the timing of the projected turning points and secondly at the direction of the turns; any indicator that claims to forecast the market bar by bar would be a Holy Grail and we just agreed that it doesn’t exist; don’t bet your house on a single trade based on this indicator; the system is much more comprehensive than that and you should look at all the clues before jumping in a trade, unless you want to lose your shirt (and your house with it);
  • though it warns you about news releases and gives you text advice, it does not replace your personal discipline and if you are wreckless, if you overtrade, overleverage and/or stray from your trading plan, you are bound to be a loser!

Main features

  • audio alerts for high and medium impact news releases, that can affect your trades, plus warnings on NFP weeks, NFP days, Bank Holidays relevant to the pair you trade and FOMC days to take caution with your trading; many traders lose their shirts in the market simply because they forget to pay attention to these news releases and stay out of the market until it settles;
  • advanced financial astrology based support and resistance, all automatic, adjusting to the timeframe you switch to and identical on any data feed – non-lagging, leading indicator;
  • currency markets dashboard, showing the bird’s eye view of the currency market from a long term, medium term and short term perspective, along with the top five highest range pairs (long term, medium term and short term) and top five strong trends (long term, medium term and short term);
  • currency strength board, displayed on the chart of your chosen pair, showing you the long-term/medium-term/short-term (depending on the timeframe you look at) strength of all major currencies (USD, NZD, JPY, GBP, EUR, CAD, CHF and AUD), along with the current pair’s long-term/medium-term/short-term range;
  • unique painted candlesticks, based on volume, showing you the volume in the market, bar by bar (very low, low, average, high, very high or ultra high volume bars);
  • brilliant reversals indicator, showing you when the pair is overbought or oversold, very useful when you need to buy dips or sell rallies;
  • brilliant trading advice module, giving you text advice on the strategy you need to follow for a specific timeframe, based on market conditions;
  • strength oscillator, showing you the evolution of the currency strengths relevant to your pair, i.e. if you load the template on EURUSD, it will show you the evolution of EUR strength versus USD strength over time and you can use the crosses in your favour;
  • open levels indicator showing you the open prices of the higher timeframes as horizontal lines; this helps you see the big picture no matter what timeframe you are looking at and gives you strong support/resistance levels;
  • period range indicator, showing you the current month/week/day’s high and low, depeding on the timeframe you’re on, helping you spot reversal areas or high momentum activity;
  • Fourrier forecast, projecting future price movement based on previous cycle activity;
  • period-based VWAP (Volume-Weighed-Average-Price, based on daily, weekly and monthly chart, giving excellent support/resistance areas and an indication of market flow;
  • session-open levels, horizontal levels from the price on the open of each major session (Frankfurt, London, US, Equity Markets, Tokyo), all automatic, no need to adjust for broker time – high probability support/resistance and trade timing;
  • 1DL, 1DH, 3DL, 3DH, 3WL, 3WH, 3ML, 3MH  time-based key support/resistance levels;
  • mini tick chart pinned to the bottom-right of your chart when you switch to the 1 and 5 minute charts, to assist you in scalping;
  • price velocity indicator on the 1 and 5 minute charts, useful for scalping; it helps you spot high volume ticks and used along with the tick chart, it can help greatly in entries and exits;
  • Nostradamus time-based market forecast, projecting candlesticks in the future.

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