FX-50 Great Scalping System

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FX-50 Great Scalping System description

I am sad that the way FXPrime went, so lets forget about Canadian Dude and get on with what we had at the fxprime thread. And that is each other.
So all the fxprimers here is where we can take off where we left off, and be successful traders…..
I didn’t want it to have FXPrimes name as a thread so I picked FX-50. So this thread is for all of us that were using fxprime, and to new users.

Attention: and welcome all new traders that have come to this thread. I haven’t had a lot of time to work on this thread, but John Edwards has spent a lot of time improving this thread. His improvements are posted on page 100 and further. On that page and next pages you will find all the templates and indicators. Read on how this system works. And many thanks to John for his patience and help he has done for all of us.

FX-50 Great Scalping System download

The strength of this new system:
In only one chart you can easely see what price is doing and why it is moving! You don’t need to skip from one to another timeframe, because everything is in your M1 chart!

I have enclosed a PDF which contains the most important posts about the basics completed with charts and explanations.

Please find the latest template and indicators in the zipfile!
Attention: Priceseries.mqh should be placed in your metatrader\experts\include folder.

This system is still in development, so updates will be posted in the thread and in post#1.

Have a good time and good succes in trading to all of you!

LSs posted his full colour charts and template and we found them very clear to read. That’s why the v3.12 template is updated right now.
All credits go to LSs; many thanks for your contributions to this thread!

Because the #Kino_close_above_ribbons indiactor is still in development, it is not in this template.

In the template the TickRibbon and TF30 Ribbon are taking part. If you don’t need them, just delete them.

Newcomers: you need to download the complete zipfile first.

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