Neuro Trend (NN Cloned)

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Neuro Trend description

Neuro Trend (NN cloned) is based on indicator NMA.
Here I show how to filter the signals that this indicator generates.

Time Frame 15 min or higher. ( for trading intraday sessions: London and New York).
Works good At the time frame 1H, 4H and daily.
This is only an idea for filter NMA indicator.
There are many other, your fantasy is without limit!!!

Metatrader Indicators
MA period 4, smooth period 4, ma method 1, close;
NMA (indicator);
Exponential moving average 24, close;
Exponential moving average 72, close;
Trend filter.

Neuro Trend (NN Cloned)
trade only in the direction of the trend
Up Trend EMA 24 > EMA 72
Down Trend EMA 24 < 72 Long Entry EMA 24 > EMA 72
NMA >MA (4)
Trend filter Green bar.

Short Entry
EMA 24 < EMA 72
NMA < MA (4)
Trend filter Red bar.

Exit position when trend filter change colour or when NMA crosses MA in opposite direction. Initial stop loss on the previous swing.

Neuro Trend download

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