Profitable Trading System

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Profitable Trading System description

Unlike other systems , you choose a preferred range with which you most like to work.
This system is very profitable if you follow the rules described below.

Installation instructions:

Unzip the downloaded archive file with WinZip or 7zip software.
1) Unzip ProfitableStrategy.
2) Copy the folder ProfitableStrategy indicators, all indicators (files ex4) and move to the folder C: \ Program Files \ MetaTrader \ MQL4 \ indicators.

3) Copy the folder ProfitableStrategy templates, template ProfitableStrategy.tpl and place it in the folder C: \ Program
Files \ MetaTrader \ templates.
4) Close the terminal MetaTrader 4.
5) Open the terminal MetaTrader 4. From the menu, choose Graph / Pattern click on ProfitableStrategy.
Now we need to find a point of entry into the market, starting with the timeframes: “M30 – H1″, and currency pairs: “EURUSD”, “GBPUSD”, “AUDUSD”, “USDJPY”, “USDCHF”, “USDCAD”, “EURAUD” , “NZDUSD”.

The signal on the sale and purchase.
1) The signal must match the arrow vertically from the lower indicator.

2) Pressure indicator of currency pairs – gives a very good signal for BUY and SELL. On it is possible to determine which currency pair is rising or falling. All volute pegged to the dollar USD. If the USD is, other currencies fall relative to each other.
3) trend indicator for determining the force driving directions BUY or SELL.
4) indicator of trading sessions, which displays the time on the chart: the beginning and end of all sessions.
5) This indicator displays on the chart levels: support and resistance. The thicker the line, the more difficult it is to break.
That’s all: “Good luck in trading in the market.”

Profitable Trading System download

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