QQE Intraday Scalping

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QQE Intraday Scalping description

Time Frame 15 or 30 min;
Currency pairs any.

QQE Intraday Scalping Metatrader Indicators:
QQE (3; 30);
Trding Zone (Traders Zone with MaCD Color);
Bband Stop alert;
4H Support and resitance.

BBStop alert Buy arrow;
QQE > the 50 line;
MACD> 0 line.

BBStop alert Sell arrow;
QQE < the 50 line;

Exit position:
At the level the 4h Support and Resistence;
Whe Bband Stop alert changes direction;
Profit Target Predetemined.
Stop loss s 4 or 5 pips below the last low or above the last high or 16-22 pips.
QQE Intraday Scalping Metatrader Indicators

QQE Intraday Scalping download

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