Raitis Trading System

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My name is Lucas, and Raitis Trading System is my forex trading system ! You are downloaded my own programmed trading system for MetaTrader 4. Apply it on your metatrader platform and start your business. I wish you all the best!

Indicators of Raitis Trading System


Entry rule for uptrend of Raitis Trading System:

RaitisPriceChannel = uptrend,
RaitisStoch = green dot
RaitisJMARibbon = crossover (green inside)
RaitisHeikenAshi = green candle
RaitisCyFilter = green stripe

Use “stop loss” and “take profit” (there are no rules) each trader use different techniques (free stop loss-take profit move by mouse expert (trade manager) included) very useful tool!

You can view new version 2.0 of Raitis trading system in this link

Raitis Trading System download

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