Renko Scalp Trading System

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Renko Scalp Trading System description

RenkoScalp_System is Trading system that using Renko Chart as main analysis market movement We know that renko movement value is based on price change.Not based on Time.This an important thing when we want to predict next market Bull/Bear.Because of Price,Market change Up/Down.

Let to know one by one indicators of RenkoScalp system.
This indicator will tell us the current market trend.It can be Signal to OP.Of course it has to be confirmed by the others indicators.

Red candle means Trend Market is Bearish.
Blue means Bullish Market.
This indicator tell us about Trend on Renko Candle.
3.On this Number There are two Indicators
– RenkoScalp_SMF.This is like Semafor.Repaint.And tell us about High/Low.
– RenkoScalp_DotNRP.Indicator ZigZag Non repaint.
In the first appearance RenkoScalp_SMF ,Perhaps,it will be repaint.But If you see RenkoScalp_Dot NRP in the RenkoScalp_SMF mean that Reversal Market has been Confirmed.HIGH/LOW is Confirmed.

4.Vertical Lines to see the other indi easily.


To Confirm the other indicators.


Renko Scalp Trading System download

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