SEFC Universal V.2 Trading System

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SEFC Universal V.2 Trading System description

Named for the combination of indicators used to determine tops and bottoms for placing entry orders and exit strategy to maximize profit. These four forces at work in the marketplace are; Trend, Emotion, Sentiment, and Extreme and each one reinforces the other. The Symphonie Trader System works together like the components of a Symphonie. Alone each instrument has a weak sound, but; when put together the complete symphonie makes beautiful music rich in sound and texture The four Indicators are: Symphonie Extreme Indicator Symphonie Emotion Indicator Symphonie Sentiment Indicator Symphonie Trendline Indicator Basically, you are following the color changes i n the four indicators and ONLY placing orders (SELL or BUY) when all these indicators all line up pointing in one direction. Placing an order without confirmation of the 4 signals together will not work as well as waiting for all 4 indicators to tell you when to take action.

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