Trend Awesome System

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Trend Awesome System description

Trend Awesome System is a strategy for trading with the trend. This fx system is an intraday strategy based on trend momentum indicators.
Time Frame 30 min.
Currency pairs: Majors.
Tools indicators:
Exponential Moving average 10 period close (measures the short trend-momentum ).
Exponential Moving average 40 period close ( identifies the intermediate trend ).
Exponential Moving average 150 period close ( identifies the long-term direction).
Filter (setting 240 min)
Awesome oscillator.
Info (main informations on the price movement).

Trading rules Trend Awesome System
Trade only in the direction of the trend.

10 EMA >40EMA>150EMA
Trend Filter green bar
Avesome green Bar.

10 EMA <40EMA<150EMA
Trend Filter red bar
Avesome green Bar.

Info indicator: optional.
Re-emtry when the price come back on the 40 EMA with the same conditions.

Exit Position
Profit Target ratio 1:1, 1:2 stop loss.
Initial stop loss 8 pips above/below 150 ema.

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