Ultra Scalper V2.0 Forex System Indicator

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Ultra Scalper V2.0 Forex System Indicator description

How the System works
There are different types of products on the market. But there are some things that are unique about our Ultra Forex Scalper.It is the manual system based on an ideal combination “Signal Generator + False Signals Filters”.Forex Ultra Scalper begins to operate the very second you loaded it into a chart. It analyzes previous price activity and “creates” possible scenarios of further development. Minute by minute, new computations are being made. The more you trade with it, the more precise these calculations are.Please also note that any signals that are determined by the Ultra Scalper are not just passed to you, they are carefully filtered to make trading more reliable.

Ultra Scalper V2.0 Forex System Indicator download

The “Real Deal” with the Forex Ultra Scalper
It is the modern manual system for scalping that is based on our “Ultra Smart Prediction Technology”.
The main ‘staple’ is the Filter Block, (that blocks false signals), that we, in all honesty, consider our Pride and Joy. This block consists of 2 steps.First one is the ultra_filter which filters many factors of the current market and the second one is ultra_flatter. It checks the price activity and determines the sideways

In more details, what is being analyzed:
– Dynamics of quotations activity
– Time of the day and market activity during different sessions
– Volume
– Spread expansion dynamics
– Quotation activity the very same time, but the day before
– The presence of divergence and convergence – both at quotations as well as oscillators

All these computations are done “on the fly”, in a split second, sending the resulting signals to a trader. Yes, you need to watch the data on the screen, but believe me.Ultra Scalper does a lot more!

Package Contains the following indicators:
Ultra_ flatter_2_0.ex4
User’s Guide (PDF file).
Please use M1 Timeframe only.
For More detail read on PDF File User’s Guide.

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